20/20 Brain Power Review

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20/20 Brain Power
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20/20 Brain Power
20/20 Brain Power
Written by: Brain Research Supplements
Date Published: 2011-11-22
5.11 / 10 stars
20/20 Brain Power  Review

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Effectiveness of 20/20 Brain Power

The book claims to be filled with exercises and games which can help learn how to focus, improve certain memory parameters, and make the mind fast and sharp. These “properties” may help readers to understand how to reduce fatigue, eliminate common mistakes, and allow someone to feel better mentally hence benefitting their entire well-being.

The author Joshua Reynolds claims the book contains materials and practical exercises that are scientifically proven to assist with improving the brain function and capacity. Furthermore, the book claims to be easy to follow, allowing readers of all ages to read and understand the concepts behind a healthy body and brain. No scientific proof is however provided in support of the books claimed Effectiveness; therefore readers must be cautious when presented with such allegations.

20/20 Brain Power is advertised as being fast and efficient. According to its author, in 20 days, readers will be sharper and smarter by following the instruction given by the book and by “playing” the mind games set out for them. However, the author does not state how much time a reader needs to spend per day on the book or how to measure the results that may be gained through the use of it. Since the book is self-paced, it is difficult to see how someone should be able to complete it in the 20-day time frame.

Consumer reviews for the book are negative, with only a few praising its Effectiveness. Most unfavorable reviews claim that the book offers basic information on brain health, rather than delivering the highly advertised scientific based brain power enhancing program.

20/20 Brain Power Price

This paperwork is available at a moderate price, similar to what products of the same type are offering. The cost of shipping for the book depends on the location to which it is being shipped to. This information will be calculated once entered into the order form. Most orders for this product ship within 1 to 2 business days. The exceptions are when the book is ordered on holiday or over the weekend. Some promotions may be available, for example, the book is offered for free on orders of Procera AVH.


Does 20/20 Brain Power Work?

Joshua Reynolds’ 20/20 Brain Power may be an interesting read for those who seek to understand why they are experiencing some cognitive decline and for those who want to know and understand what the latest clinical studies say about it. However, as most readers observe, this will not be a mind-blowing revelation filled read, but more of an acknowledgment of the factors that influence brain health.

The book also provides readers with recipes and information to help them eat a healthy diet that may work to increase cognitive health. However, as many users have reported on blogs and rating websites, 20/20 Brain Power based plan is a very slow groove. While it may be useful over time, many readers reported that they stalled half-way through the process because they simply didn’t have enough time or patience to finish it.

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