20/20 Brain Power Review

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20/20 Brain Power
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20/20 Brain Power
20/20 Brain Power
Written by: Brain Research Supplements
Date Published: 2011-11-22
5.11 / 10 stars
20/20 Brain Power  Review

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Is 20/20 Brain Power Right For You?

20/20 Brain Power is a book specifically created to help improve focus, alertness, and memory. Joshua Reynolds, the author of this paper, claims this book is one of those books that once you buy “you start to realize that your cognitive health is not where it should be, and you want to find out why.”

The author has been promoting this book as being both a way to keep the brain and the cognitive function agile and on point and a way to learn more about how one’s brain works. According to Joshua Reynolds, his book can give readers the “edge” they need in such a competitive market by teaching them how to enhance their cognitive capacity and how to maintain a proper diet.

Unfortunately, we were unable to access any credentials on the author, Joshua Reynolds. The official website fails to offer details, except for mentioning that he is the developer of the popular formula Procera AVH and the author of the writing we are currently reviewing. This is, in our opinion, a great downfall since the authority that offers the piece of advice or that formulates a theory is just as important as the information itself.

This is one of the many products of this kind available on the market, which exist both on paper and as online resources. Most of them are backed up by extensive marketing communication campaigns, and it is hard to distinguish facts from advertising. In case you decide to try these types of products, we advise thorough research and consulting a specialist.


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    azhar iqbal


    i love your supplements i used for 6 months and it was great untill the ups messed around my deleveries ilost my order 3 times and icomplained to your cutomer service but nothing worked so i stoped

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