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Welcome to BRS Research. We take immense pride in our work here! As you can tell by the over 2500+ Brain Supplement Reviews and over 2200+ Customer Reviews without all the unnecessary jargon, misinformation and hype too often found in dietary supplement companies looking to make a quick buck today. The “Truth” is critical to us.

In fact, we ensure the integrity of our research by never accepting paid advertisers or even upfront incentive packages from companies. Our sole source of funding is based only through our affiliateships with thousands of different products sold on amazon and other platforms for the best deals & prices. Thus, our research is funded no matter the product you choose (so please continue to use our links and support us :-).

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Additionally, we’ve established our own ranking system (see below) to help choose the best brain supplement for your needs. But remember, no brain supplement is for everyone. We all have different disorders and ailments plaguing our health. Who are we to know exactly which nutrients your brain has a deficiency with? Exactly, but what we have done through our years of evaluating these supplements is help you in your own research. Our goal has been to give a balanced view backed with solid scientific reasons. You’ll find 99% of these brain supplements fit within four supplement categories (see left).

These four supplement categories have proven very effective in evaluating, as dietary supplements (amino, herbal, multi-vitamin, irregular) cannot be patented and no double-blind clinical studies are usually conducted for a couple of reasons; 1) Why spend millions of dollars on successful double-blind clinical studies when Government Health Agencies will not even approve dietary brain supplements? 2) Everyone knows these clinical studies are generally only a marketing gimmick. Each study usually doesn’t consist of anymore than 30-60 subjects over 2-4 months time. But now supplement companies can say their supplement is tested, clinically proven, and while Customers are looking at some fancy-pancy clinical design graphs and buying more product, little do they know the study was only for 30-60 subjects.

Thus, understanding the different types of brain supplements, reviewing feedback from thousands of consumers, and comparing ingredients according to industry standard reference manuals and the latest research in the field of natural medicine is always the most reliable method for determining a natural product’s effectiveness.